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Film Music Master: A Tribute to Bernard Herrmann

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 by Anna

Roger Hall has compiled a tribute to Bernard Herrmann on DVD format. It is a limited edition multimedia DVD-R that contains archived clips from radio shows, CD reviews, numerous online articles along with video clips. It contains a wealth of information about the life and film musical career or Herrmann. Go to American Music Preservation for more detailed information and how to obtain a copy.

A Guide to Film Music by Roger Hall

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 by Anna

Previous printed editions were sold out, however now the Guide to Film Music is available in its 4th edition presented in DVD-R format as a multimedia expanded edition. This DVD contains the complete book, 50 audio clips, CD, book and DVD reviews, and a video program about movie music. This DVD would be a great source for anyone interested in film music and its history. Go to American Music Preservation for more detailed information and how to obtain a copy.

New Video created by Mark Ford showcasing TFC albums

Friday, May 11th, 2012 by Anna

Click here to view TFC Highlights Video

A big thank you from the TFC gang to Mark Ford for creating this video showcasing highlights from Tribute Film Classics’ albums.

Surviving the Storm: What Chasers Want You to Know

Sunday, March 18th, 2012 by Anna

Surviving the Storm: What Chasers Want You to Know

After many, many months of hard work from the crew at Scary Cloud Productions, (Jon Davies, Stephen Locke, James Skivers, William Stromberg and Anna Bonn Stromberg) and the help of many others including Kory Hartman and SevereStudios Storm Chasers, I am so proud to announce the release of our weather preparedness DVD called “Surviving the Storm: What Storm Chasers Want You to Know”. If you want an entertaining way to learn how to prepare yourself and / or family against all aspects of severe weather from actual storm chasers, this DVD is for you! – Shawna Davies (Executive Producer)

In the coming weeks we will be announcing the release of an original soundtrack composed by William Stromberg.

The Ninth Annual National Carry A Tune Week will be held October 4 – 10, 2009

Sunday, September 27th, 2009 by Anna

The Ninth Annual National Carry A Tune Week will be held October 4 – 10, 2009.
Sponsored by The Tune Lovers Society, this annual survey of favorite tunes chosen by Internet readers was begun as a way of remembering those lost from the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001 .
Since 2001, the event has grown to a nationwide response with over 250 tunes chosen, covering a broad range of music styles from America ’s past.
You don’t need to be a singer or an instrumentalist to take part, but musicians are especially encouraged to participate. All you need is the willingness to look back and select up to 9 of your favorite American tunes.
The only criteria for National Carry A Tune Week are that tunes must be of American origin from at least TEN years ago (up to 1999) and in any of these categories:
I. Patriotic Music (Songs and Marches )
II. Folk Music (Traditional Folk Songs and Singer-Songwriter)
III. Religious Music (Gospel and Sacred)
IV Popular Music (Ragtime, Blues, Jazz, Easy Listening, Country, Rock, etc.)
V. Classical Music (Themes and Songs)
VI. Film Music (Themes and Songs)

During National Carry A Tune Week (October 4 -10) –
Musicians are encouraged to perform one or more tunes in their concerts or elsewhere.
Teachers are urged to choose at least one tune for that week to teach to their students or ask them to find out about a tune.
Listeners are asked to sing or play some of their favorite tunes that week in their car, while exercising, at work, or at home.

The best entries sent in with personal comments for up to 9 favorite tunes will receive a Free CD.

Send in your list of favorite tunes anytime up until October 15, 2009.
For full details, see this link:


Friday, September 25th, 2009 by Anna

Check out the new documentary DVD THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL from our friend and filmmaker Tony Malanowski. Musical score by William Stromberg and John Morgan.

THE BATTLE OF BUNKER HILL is the inaugural DVD in the series AMERICA: HER PEOPLE, HER STORIES. Using an innovative blending of epic recreation, historical commentary and vintage imagery, you will learn about life during Colonial Times, and see why the Original Patriots chose to rebel against the mighty British Empire! You will experience the heroic stand of the American Colonists against the King’s superior forces, and appreciate their courage and sacrifice as they fought for their rights and liberties!